Hynie the laughing hyena

Photo Credits :http://animals.howstuffworks.com/mammals/hyenas-laugh1.htm

Growing up, I loved Saturdays. In the mornings we would wake up, my mom would make breakfast. Even when breakfast was tea and bread, we savored it. My mom used to make breakfast sandwiches , that I think of to this days. After breakfast, we would all help out with chores. My favorite was sweeping, and rinsing clothes. As I grew older I was allowed to wash dishes, and I think this is where my love of scrubbing pots and pans came from. I love washing dishes. As we were doing our chores we would listen to the radio.

There was a children’s radio show hosted by a lady named Aunt Elizabeth that had a song about a laughing hyena. I found the words to the song online, and they sound right

Hynie The Laughing Hyena

I’m hynie the laughing hyena
I’m laughing all day long (huhuhuhu)
because when I kick all my troubles they wiggle awaaay where theeey belong
(other voices) He’s happy no matter what happens
when singing his happy song
so when you get up every mooooorning
don’t ever be whiny
but make life sun shiny
like hynie the laughing hyena
I laugh and I laugh and I laugh some more
we laugh and we laugh and we laugh ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha
haaa ha ha ha ha
haaa ha ha ha ha
haaa ha ha ha ha
haaa ha ha ha ha
haaa ha ha ha ha
we laugh we laugh and we laugh ha ha
(voice of woody woodpecker)hahahahaha hahahahaha haaaaaaaa
hahahahaha hahahahaha haaaaaaaa
(these words are spoken, not sung by Woody woodpecker)
Gee hynie you’re a funny looking animal
(hynie) Ain’t I so Woody
(Woody) You’ve got spots aaaall over you
(Hynie) yeah
(woody) you’ve got an ugly looking face
(hynie) Yeah real ugly
(woody) to tell you the truth hynie, you’re a mess
(Hynie) Yeah, I sure am, whatI’m laughing at, I don’t know
(then the song begins again)
I’m hynie the laughing hyena..

. As I entered my tween years (this word did not exist at the time), I was excited about the saturday radio show that talked about changes that happen as you approach teenage years. I am sure this was one of the reason I embraced the physical changes that ravaged my body in my teen years. Back to my story…

As an adult, I am beginning to love Saturdays again. This is the first time in my working life I am not required to work on the weekends, and I am loving it! I decided life is too short to sleep in, so Saturdays I wake up early, enjoy breakfast, then go to the gym. I do my chores when I get back, and then in the afternoon, Michi and I usually go somewhere. Saturday is date night for us too, and this has been fun for us, since we never got to go out much when I was a grad student.

As I write this, I have been up for 5 hours, been to the gym, done laundry and cleaned the house. In a couple of hours we are headed to the Houston Rodeo, and then off to dinner. I am enjoying the day thus far and hope you are too. Happy Saturday.

Coming tomorrow- Restaurant review


10 Secrets

1. I once tried to suffocate kill my sister by blowing on her face.

2. I do not know how to ride a bicycle, and have no desire to learn how to.

3. I once called in sick to work, because of insomnia. I felt that my patients deserved better than someone who had only slept 3 hours in 2 days.

4. I often dream about missing or failing KCSE (High school exit exam), wake up in a sweat, and realize I already passed high school, and I am done with Grad school, for Pete’s sake.

5. I once called a guy 25 times, thinking he was missing my calls, and then getting mad that he was ignoring me.

6. I used to spank my siblings and cousins if they didn’t do their homework…and I preferred playing “teacher” than playing house when I was a kid.

7. I only fear two people: God, and my grad school program director.

8. I am terribly afraid of failing, and sometimes I think people assume I’m way smarter than I really am.

9. I wish I had smaller eyes. …although now that my grandpa is gone, it is the one thing (other than my brains of course) that I inherited from him, that I can see every day. I think it’s funny when people say they like my eyes….actually I think they are lying.

10. When I was ten , I planned to run  away from home, I failed miserably. I discovered my note when I was in high school. My reason for the planned escape? Because my mother wouldn’t take me to boarding school.