Food Review.

1. Farmer’s Market at Rice University. Went there this week because I heard farmer’s market produce was better than store organic produce. Bought some chicken, beef and pork.  The pork chops I bought were definitely the best pork chops Ive cooked in the U.S. Will see what I think of the other meats. But…..I still miss Kenyan meat.

2. Oishii Sushi. When I started school, I used to go here with my classmates. Loved the food, but the location was sketchy. The place is simple, affordable (read really cheap, especially on a student’s budget), and has great food. I went there last week with my friend Sweet Sorella. They have remodeled the place. The pork dumplings are to die for, and the sushi is fresh! Can’t beat their happy hour specials, buy one get one free.

3. Miyako Sushi- There is a reason I loved Miyako on Kirby. The sushi was good, affordable, and the location is convenient. However, I usually call in and pick up my order, rarely eat in. Well, last weekend on date night we didnt get a reservation at Feast, so we went to Miyako Kirby. Total disaster. Long wait, main orders came before appetizer, no refills on drinks. After waiting 30 minutes for Michi’s main course, the waitress informs us that someone else got his food. WHAT??? We asked for our check and left. Michi ate my left over pork dumplings for dinner that night. We will not return.

This weekend, we finally got a reservation at Feast, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.