30 before 30

  • Graduate from girl-pushups
  • Learn how to sew- Decided after a few attempts that sewing is not for me
  • Go three months without buying new shoes or clothes- two months and counting
  • Watch the color purple and the Sound of Music
  • Run a 10K  running a 5 k in March and May…hope to do 10 in June
  • Jump over a 30 inch box at crossfit
  • Learn German Actively working on it
  • Go to Hawaai   loved it !
  • Go hiking
  • Lose four inches off my waistline  progress looking good
  • Get a Kenyan ID card    November 2012
  • Go on a medical mission trip- going to Rwanda April 19 2013
  • Attend my high school’s birthday service- will be there in Spirit- decided on Rwanda mission trip instead
  • Read 50 books- I am making decent progress. Doubt I will make 50. but its better than 0
  • Have a conversation with my family about my living will and what my medical wishes are- I put it in writing, they will know if and when the time comes
  • Start a scholarship in my grandfather’s memory – working on this as soon as I am debt free
  • Save 10% of my salary- working on this and making good progress
  • Spend a week with my sister
  • Speak at a conference
  • Visit Yosemite Park
  • Go without red meat for a month
  • Spend a day ” disconnected” from technology
  • Go camping
  • Start a photography/ travel blog- decided against a second blog- posting more of my photos on Kagori
  • Visit Alaska
  • Milk a cow
  • Serve a meal at a homeless shelter
  • See the Wildebeest migration Saw a bit of it in the Mara
  • Cut my hair. Done. May 2012
  • Learn how to dive/ snorkel  went snorkeling in Mombasa November 2012

6 thoughts on “30 before 30

    • It is going very poorly, and I only have 9 months left. However, it will be edited as soon as possible, due to change in perspectives..
      watch this space

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