It’s been a minute….

Poor blog, I have really neglected my writing.
I’ve been pretty busy, but that’s not a good enough excuse. Big things are in the pipeline. So excited I’m starting my German classes this week-woot woot! Excitedly planning my trip to zit sky and Austria in September, and an added trip to Kenya in December, because one of my most favorite people in the world is getting married on December 20th.
While I’ve been away I’m now back on the fitness wagon and enjoying it. I have a goal, and some exciting plans coming soon.
Today I made a serious adult decision, made and offer on our first home;) and I am excited. They say we might be disappointed 😦 but I believe it’s its meant to be our home, so lets see if God thinks the same.
Now off to enjoy this life with my brother, who drove 9 hours to spend the weekend with me. Gotsa love brothers;)


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