Brother of my heart

Dear J, the day mom brought you home from the hospital was one of the best days of my life. You were the most beautiful baby I had ever seen in my short 8 years on this planet. It was the first time I fell in love, and the day you stole my heart, and captured my soul. I knew I would love you unconditionally. I remember just staring at you as a kid and thinking, man! I love this baby.
Years have gone by and you’ve remained a constant- you have the ability to steal my heart in a beat.
I’ve always known you’d grown into a man of integrity. There are days I wondered if our sister and I were cut from the same cloth as you. You, with your “OCD” and cleanliness. You who wrote a list of household rules when you were 11, which included stipulations on how we should discard our feminine products. You, who stayed with me during summers, and cleaned my house like it had never been cleaned before. You, who is so organized, that you make me feel like a slob. But we are cut from the same cloth, only you came out way cleaner, organized and introverted that the women in our family.
When you were in high school, I worried about you, yet deep inside I knew you’d turn out just fine. To become a man, yet you were raised by women. To know your way in this world. I am honored when you confide in me, when you tell me your hopes and dreams. I worry for you, about the things you do, about the life you want, but deep inside I’m sure you will exceed my expectations. Yesterday, as I watched you walk across that stage, and become an American soldier, I prayed to God to give you courage, and wisdom. That he may continue to show up and show out in your life.
May the words of the Soldier’s creed, ” I will never quit” always be on your mind when you set to accomplish something in your life. May you stand tall and remember your roots.
Thanks for being the best brother a girl could wish for, and thanks for always having my back. I love you bro


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