The Big C…..Again

Last month I had a huge scare. Earlier in the month I had felt a breast lump in my right breast. I went to my doctor, who sent me to a mammogram and ultrasound.
My beautiful friend Mel went with me to the mammogram and ultrasound. Talk of good friends! They hold your hand even when you pretend not to be scared. My ultrasound showed a lump, and the radiologist said I needed a biopsy so I came back three days later. Well, it was not a fun experience- thanks Mel for taking me and hanging out with me when I had ice stuffed in my bra!
So I got my results three days later and it showed my lump had characteristics of a phyllodes tumor . They recommended an excision, because phyllodes tumor can grow pretty big.
I cried a lot…. And then decided that I wanted one of the surgeons at my job to take a look. She read the pathology report from the other hospital and she said she needed to remove it. We scheduled surgery for may 14th. She also wanted the cancer pathologist to look at it and get a better diagnosis. I prayed about it and made peace with the idea of surgery. Prayer helped with the nervousness.
Fast forward I go to Rwanda and on May 6, I had my pre-operative visit with my surgeon. She had great news- the cancer pathologists didn’t think it was phyllodes- it is a fibroadenoma and doesn’t need to be removed at this time. So for now we are just going to watch it by ultrasound and mammogram every six months. I can’t tell you how excited I was! I just thank God for being there and holding my hand. And for giving me family and friends who always support me.
So the lesson I hope you learn from this is that It is very important to check your breasts because only you know when something is wrong.



4 thoughts on “The Big C…..Again

  1. Oh my word…..
    There was once while I was huko I went for a physical and the doc told me I had a lump in my boob and scheduled a mammo. Second opinion said I should go for a sonogram (might have been ultrasound I dont know). It ended up being blood masses or cysts. I can’t quite remember which but I know I was so relieved!!! As you can see, I kinda blocked some of the details from my memory.

    Sending ehugs. We need to chat. Love and hugs

    • Ciiku, i can relate with the relief;) and glad its a distant memory for you;) Yes love we need to chat. Nairobi was such a quickie sorry I didn’t get to talk to you. Thanks for the hugs;)

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